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About us

Mahatai Convention Center Pattaya is a social enterprise particularly working in ways that provide services such as meeting rooms, guest rooms, restaurant and many more. It is conveniently accessible for you, for it is situated in downtown Pattaya on Sukhumvit Highway. Its benefits of nature resulting in relaxing atmosphere and facilities, namely, the Redemptorist Center Pattaya Chapel considered being one of the most attractive churches in the world, swimming pool, parking area and security guards 24 hours a day enable it to meet all your needs. The money spent here will go to support the Father Ray Foundation who cares for 850 orphans, abused, disadvantaged children and students with disabilities.


Conferences & Event Services


Mahatai Convention Center

• Our Convention hall

We have a large meeting area to sit 150 -350 people, including three mid-size rooms for 50 people and two smaller rooms for 15-25 people. Beneath is a big parking area for 300 vehicles.

• Facilities

We have cutting-edge technology of tools and equipment including spectacular light and sound system, translation room, equipment for live broadcast and much more.

• Activities

Our convention hall is perfect for a large variety of activities such as conferences, tutorials exhibitions, concerts, talk shows, wedding etc.

Our Services

  • Church

The only Catholic Church in the world designed with a unique architecture and shrine in the Thonburi era, decorated with pottery and colorful glass. The interior is decorated with paintings of the story of Jesus Christ on the walls in a blend of Thai and western design.


  • Swimming Pool

The Redemptorist Center Pattaya offers an excellent swimming pool area, shower rooms, snacks area and food shop for leisure time.


  • Dining Room

The Redemptorist Center Pattaya has a professional chef to cater for you to be impressed by taste and the guarantee of service, the diversity of food to create a delicious menu including Western, European, Asian and Thai food.


  • Drinks And Beverages

There is a lot of variety of drinks and beverages; such as fruit smoothies, cold and hot tea or coffee, Butterfly pea flower tea etc. available in our ultimate bar in the lobby, a meeting point for a little break and relaxing time during your trip.